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Products and Services
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Products and Services


Construction Works

Being in the industry for almost 40 years, Sathuta Builders (Pvt) Ltd. has experience working on many types of construction projects from high rise structures, highways, bridges, water projects, etc. The highly qualified technical staff has experience working in many challenging projects in Sri Lanka and overseas. Over the years working in different parts of the country, we have developed good relationships with material suppliers, labour suppliers, subcontractors and many other parties all over the country. Therefore, we are more than equipped to take on any type of construction project in any part of Sri Lanka. The information about some of the construction projects completed by Sathuta Builders (Pvt) Ltd.

Design-Build Solutions

With the increasing popularity for design and build projects in the Sri Lankan construction sector, Sathuta Builders (Pvt) Ltd. was one of the first companies to start providing this service. The ability to incorporate our immense experience in the construction work to the design process has given the ability to reduce time and cost incurred in the projects. In addition to making use of our qualified in-house design team comprising of charted architects, chartered engineers, etc., we frequently collaborate with some of the most prominent design firms in Sri Lanka.

Consultancy Services

With our experience in the construction industry and the reputation for efficient management of construction work, our qualified team of charted architects, chartered engineers, etc. can provide the construction management services from the bid preparation stage to the completion (or even beyond in case of claims and other disputes) of any type of construction project. We are committed to provide an efficient service at site level and outside minimizing the inconveniences to all the parties.

Real Estate Investment and Development

The real estate investment and development section of Sathuta Builders (Pvt) Ltd has experience working on many projects in various parts of the country. At present we have investments in multiple lands throughout the country. In addition, we are involved in developing high rise structures or individual buildings for commercial and residential purposes. The combined experience of purchasing, design and construction has given life to some of the most cost effective and popular development projects in the country.

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